You now have Three, count'em, Three ways to connect to your data. NONE of them require any ongoing fees or service charges.

You can mix and match methods to suit your needs. They are NOT mutually exclusive. This gives you the flexibility to select the method that best meets your budgetary needs as well as the conditions in the field.

All methods allow your mobile users to:

        • Edit and even create new records
  • Capture signatures
  • Capture photos
  • View maps to the locations.
  • And more.


1) FileMaker Go, File Transfer Method.

Pros: Costs $0. Does not require any additional desktop software. Allows you to customize any screen (Desktop or Mobile) wit a free 30 day trial version of FileMaker Pro 12 or >. Make all the changes you want within the 30 day trial period and your changes will stay even after your trial period has expired. Unlimited number of Mobile Users. Uses a free Dropbox account to let you easily make files available to all your mobile users at once. One button sends your files out, another brings them in once you download the files back from your mobile users. Puts what's basically a customized app in the hands of your mobile users.

Cons: Because of the larger file sizes being transferred, this method can be a drain on your data plan. We suggest mobile users only transfer their files back to the office once a day or while connected using WiFi. Requires a bit more effort from the desktop user to manage file transfers.

Requires desktop user to manually update TDD by importing records from mobile users.

2) FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go Method.

Pros: Allows you to customize all the screens you interact with (Desktop and Mobile) for the life of the product. Allows a live, real time connection to your desktop data. No interruptions to the desktop user when mobile users are connected. In addition to capturing photos, mobile users can send video.

Cons: Requires FileMaker Pro 12 or greater, $300.00. Can only support up to 5 connections at a time. Requires a connection to the network. 3g 4g or WiFi.

3) Use any web browser.

Pros: Allows anyone, anywhere to view and interact with your records as a website. Requires no additional work. A template page is included for you to customize.

Cons: Requires FileMaker Server to host the data. FMP Server can be purchased outright or leased for a substantially reduced price.